CATXMAN is a fashion label created by PUNKHIPPIE. In the future, CATXMAN will be evolving and tapping into various fields.


CATXMAN the British shorthair never saw his mother, he had been locked in an illegal kitten millsince he was born. This cute little kitten has a birth mark on his forehead, the breeder treated it as a“flaw'' so they housed him in a cage alone and leave him to fend for himself. CATXMAN scared of the dark and loneliness, he had to murmuring to himself to get a grip. He started to mumble to himself every time he got scared.

Fortunately, he's an optimist, he developed a fantasy world in which he fancies himself a superhero. He claimed that he was actually from the planet “Meow'' and he attempted to take on theresponsibility of “saving the world''. He started his wild adventure across the universe with the cage he called his “spaceship''.

CATXMAN finally got out of the hell when the rescue group uncovered the kitten mill. The rescue group decided to pair CATXMAN and Eric together. These two kids bonded instantly and became best friends.

Superhero's been what Eric dreamt to become so he came up with a name CATXMAN for the kitten, wish they can become “purrfect'' Partners in Crime-Fighting.

Eric, a young boy growing up with autism is being bullied at school because he is quiet and introverted. He chose to stay in his room to escape what breaks his heart. CATXMAN's gentle and compassionate character helped Eric overcome fear and stress, also gave him strength to face the difficulties that lies ahead.

Eric and his family give CATXMAN a forever home, they feed him with love, and a lot of foods. CATXMAN began to get bigger and bigger. His clumsy causes him a lot of troubles, luckily Eric and his buddies always got his back along his journey to “save the world''.

See! A friend is one of the nicest things you can have. And CATXMAN is definitely want to be your friend! He will teach you how to seek out the joys in life, and eat them.

Remember no matter how hard life is, keep eating! MEOW!

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